We like to call a spade a spade.

We are now Syntphony Knowledge Search

At Knowler we have changed the name.

Because when you get strongest and more global, some names get smaller.

The Syntphony ecosystem multiplies the value for our clientes with enormous benefits in costs and time to market, thanks to the integrated combination with other Syntphony products and our business consulting services.

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Our Value Proposition

Creating Value For Your Business through collective knowledge

As well as making the workforce more productive, Syntphony Knowledge Search increases idea sharing, and keeps the organization at the forefront of new trends and strategies.

And it helps attract and retain knowledge workers who want to be part of a collaborative, community-like culture.

A smarter workplace makes internal communication between executives and employees easier.

Knowledge is not just about what you know, it’s about who you know.

Syntphony Knowledge Search explicitly identifies the relationships between employees, documents, clients, offices and the rest of entities of an organization, so ensuring that the right knowledge gets to the right people at the right moment.

And Syntphony Knowledge Search does this automatically. That saves time for your employees and creates more value for your business as it works without disrupting the way you work.


Do not move your documents. No need to change your data repository or digital workplace software.

Tag automatically the information based on what matters to users.

Create a collaborative and knowledge sharing environment empowering and developing your people.

Higher productivity

Save the organization money and your employees time by speeding up common tasks such as helping to manage the information you need for your meetings.

Understands a wide range of content

Syntphony Knowledge Search can find and understand a wide variety of structured and unstructured content stored in Microsoft 365, Teams, Sharepoint, SAP and other data sources.

A more creative place to work

Improve employee recruitment and retention by transforming into a knowledge-driven enterprise.

A more engaged workforce

Break down the barriers between executives and employees to developed a more united and engaged workforce.

Adaptable and easy to use

No need to change the data repository or digital workplace software and Syntphony Knowledge Search insights are accesible from a variety of familiar interfaces.

Encourage personal development

Empower your employees to share knowledge to grow their personal skills.



From Data to Knowledge

Syntphony Knowledge Search collects data from different sources to feed and grow a Knowledge Base. It´s core is an ontology with connections among the thousands of information pieces, turning them into useful knowledge and insight. It allows to discover new relations between entities and unify significantly information to make it more accessible and valuable.

It provides several components for extracting data, transform it, generate new knowledge with different techniques of Artificial Intelligence, and store it in an RDF format.
The extraction of unstructured data is done via a connector to Microsoft 365, or any other data source that allows access to all content stored on the platform such as e-mails, documents stored in OneDrive or SharePoint, communities, MS Teams, etc.

Suitable For Each Sector

Internal management knowledge is key in the digital transformation of any company as well as for the maintenance and increase of its competitiveness.

Syntphony Knowledge Search provides a specialised ontology for each industry and sector in order to achieve smart knowledge management in the company.

Banking is one of the sectors where new technologies are impacting deeply, creating new operating and business models. The digital transformation of the companies is associated with an exponential growth in the volume of data to be managed.

Syntphony Knowledge Search is the perfect tool to face the challenge of organization and easy access to the large volume of daily information generated by the activity of a hospital center. Its advantage to be able to search in a natural language on the databases selected considering the ontology, is combined with the ability to obtain answers rather than results.

The current insurance business model is intimately linked to the new technologies. Digital transformation is no longer an option, and only the right tools can provide a competitive advantage. Syntphony Knowledge Search facilitates the profiling of users and the documentary relationship in a safe way.

Sort and classify the accumulated experience, and generate new knowledge, is a challenge that Syntphony Knowledge Search allows to face. Artificial intelligence is able to facilitate the hard work of reviewing documentation, and take the Legal sector to the next level.

Linked Data Integration

Syntphony Knowledge Search provides a complete full ontology integration with existing Linked Data adding, automatically, new knowledge to your company in a complete transparent way. We will develop the specific entity ontology design integration with any existing data adapted to the requirements of each sector.


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