We help to take advantages of a knowledge driven company, identifying needs and objectives. Based on our expertise and methodology, we define the Smart Knowledge Management strategy and align with the Company’s vision.

everis knowler is available in two models

Public dedicated SaaS
You have the platform under dedicated infraestructure in our facilities.We take the responsability for the setup, infraestructure, security and maintenance.
Private on Premise
You deploy the platform within your data centre.Can be installed customer on premise or in private
customer cloud


Before implementing everis knowler, a specific study of how it will be carried out is necessary. We offer support through actions and strategies to adapt the company to this new knowledge management model.
Allow create computing, network and storage resources.
Allow create different application runtimes, artificial intelligence and integration solutions based on Multilanguage support and channels orientation.
Ontology Development
Allow create the specific knowledge ontology for your company and functionalities.
Allow governance, monitor and controlling the company knowledge management:

  • Backoffice
  • Business Intelligence
  • Ontology security
  • Profiling


We provide support to update the product to the new features and new releases as they arise. Also to adapt the product to the evolutions and needs of the organization.
Support service
Support. 99,9% availability for cloud resources, 99,9% platform availability, 24*7 2nd level support in English.
Consulting services
Our team of experts will be monitoring and trying new tools. We will be providing new releases as new set of tools are integrated in the platform.
Our team knows the difficulties involved with deploying and integrating a solution across your enterprise. We’ll support you to clearly define your goals and define the actions for success.