New knowledge experience

everis knowler is a new way of understanding and managing knowledge, providing a new environment for shared work. What’s innovative in it is that everis knowler enters the content, analyzes it, understands it and connects it to other parts of the Knowledge Lake. All this based on a specific approach and design to each company, allowing to understand the environment and to turn it into a key piece of the organizations strategy.


Why everis knowler

Save time to increase value-added tasks: a significant amount of knowledge workers’ time is spent finding and analyzing information. To be more effective is to bring together technology and talent to create new ways of working and doing business.


Find out what everis knowler can bring to your company. Discover a new way of understanding knowledge management.
Extracts and captures all the knowledge existing in an organization
Provides a comprehensive platform to manage and share knowledge
Understands natural language in your searches
Centralization of the valuable knowledge of the whole company in a single point
Knowledge is pushed to you, even without searching
Artificial Intelligence algorithms to profile users and make recommendations
Extraction of relevant knowledge of the company and enhancement of its value
New way of working more efficiently, having all the information at your fingertips

Knowledge lake

everis knowler extracts relevant information from structured and unstructured data and transform them into knowledge. It analyzes and understands the content and connects it with previous knowledge. It categorize and organise the information, allowing to be discoverable for users more easily. The main benefit of a data lake is the centralization of dispare content sources, that are combined and processed inferring new knowledge that otherwise have been impossible.
Data Lake
Knowledge Lake

User profiling and recommendations algorithms

The system maintains profiles for users, based on their attributes, connections and interactions, and provides recommendations for them. everis knowler also features a Smart assistant, to offer the right knowledge at the right moment. It facilitates, with a smart wizard, the creation of scenarios to help making new business and improve the existing ones.
Cognitive profile for each user, employee, client, patient, person
Business Inteligence: Best A.I. recomendations based on the profiles

Benefits: work smarter, work better

everis knowler involves all organization areas, it turns knowledge into a key strategy of any company. It’s much more than just managing documents, customers or employees. It implies adoption of a new way of working, being more efficient and productive.
Improve business decisions
Having the necessary information at the right time leads to better decision making
Better performance
Improves the efficiency of the organization’s processes
Encourage Innovation
Facilitates the evolution into a smarter company to be more prepared to face the future. Better adaptation to a constantly changing environment
Increase efficiency and productivity
Reduce operating costs, due to time saving by avoiding waste and duplications and encouraging knowledge reuse.
Enhance the quality and ability to collaborate
It build more profound relationships and ongoing mind-share with customers. It leads to enhance team collaboration and coordination
Reduce loss of know how
Attract retain and motivated talent, and produce and conserve intellectual property assets. Maximize the organizations use of human capital assets

Can be adopted to different sectors

Our knowledge management has a standard common all sectors. We study the use cases for each sector and adapt them to the needs of each one, aligning with company’s global strategy




Law & Legal

Office 365 native integration

everis knowler gets a native and bidirectional integration with Office 365, understanding and connecting all the existing content from unstructured data with existing structured data, dynamizing and taking advantages from Office 365. Our personalized solutions: knowler 365, knowler Smart Mail and knowler Smart Search Engine.