Internal management knowledge is key in the digital transformation of any company as well as for the maintenance and increase of its competitiveness.
everis knowler is a competitive advantage for all sectors that work with a large amount of data, making them more valuable and accessible, which brings benefits for both companies and their customers.


Banking is one of the sectors where new technologies are impacting deeply, creating new operating and business models. The digital transformation of the companies is associated with an exponential growth in the volume of data to be managed:
  • Improve customer service
  • Time savings
  • Single venue for all information
  • Guaranteed security


everis knowler is the perfect tool to face the challenge of organization and easy access to the large volume of daily information generated by the activity of a hospital center. Its advantage to be able to search in a natural language on the databases selected considering the ontology, is combined with the ability to obtain answers rather than results:
  • Connect all clinical databases
  • Take real time decisions based on best practices
  • Prescriptive and predictive analysis
  • Historical-based alerts


The current insurance business model is intimately linked to the new technologies. Digital transformation is no longer an option, and only the right tools can provide a competitive advantage. everis knowler facilitates the profiling of users and the documentary relationship in a safe way:
  • Have all the necessary information to make a proposal
  • Ticket generator
  • Analytical information with crossed data


Sort and classify the accumulated experience, and generate new knowledge, is a challenge that everis knowler allows to face. Artificial intelligence is able to facilitate the hard work of reviewing documentation, and take the Legal sector to the next level:
  • Extraction of semantic triplets and generation of new results
  • Reuse existing knowledge